Proverbs 19:17 Whoever is generous to the poor lends to the Lord, and he will repay him for his deed.


Soul Cultivators’ Generation Restoration Project is a multifaceted restorative solution to a number of problems plaguing inner-city families which are often multigenerational in their reach.

These include cycles of poverty caused by housing insecurity, unstable home environments, poor academic experiences, and unemployment, which lead to addiction and other mental health challenges as well as legal troubles and entry into the judicial system.

On completion of a detox or rehabilitation program, it is not uncommon for returning citizens to be released into the same environments from whence they came, and thus be met with the same conditions that led to their initial fall.
Further, recovering and newly released citizens often find themselves competing for a very limited number of employment opportunities. When combined, these factors significantly increase their risk of relapse. Our innovative approach to detox and rehabilitation services provides individuals with an opportunity to escape these toxic cycles and start afresh in an environment free from the temptations and triggering elements typically encountered when reentering society, which make maintaining sobriety difficult.

Unlike most rehabilitation programs, our approach is comprehensive, addressing the root causes of addiction, poverty, homelessness, and recidivism by providing a living and working environment that supports physical, mental/emotional, social, and spiritual wellness. 

Based on a farm, our program provides various meaningful, practical work experiences in a serene natural setting, which is vital to mental health and recovery.  Residents live and work in a community alongside coaches who provide rehabilitation and recovery services, guidance, and support. 

Participants participate in individual and group therapy as well as community-building excursions such as hiking, camping, and survival training that foster emotional and mental wellness.