2 Corinthians 8:7 Just as you excel in everything-- in faith, in speech, in knowledge, in complete earnestness, and in your love for us-- see that you also excel in this grace of giving.

Our program targets foundational issues that cause homelessness and general instability. When a house is built,  significant time, labor and material is dedicated to a part of the structure which won’t be visible after it’s complete; this is the foundation, the most important part. Our program is designed to remediate foundational  issues, i.e., sobriety, mental/emotional, spiritual, physical, social and financial health that will foster good executive functioning. The supportive employment and housing programs buttress the participants’ success. 


This unconventional approach will lend itself to successful outcomes because:

 1) Being in and interacting with nature and animals has therapeutic value. 

2) Manual labor builds character, teaches discipline, perseverance, problem solving and collaboration; and is good for physical health. A strong body facilitates a strong mind and spirit, essential in overcoming addictions and negative influences. 

3) An ownership stake through a co-op and building generational wealth will increase esteem and motivation in one’s work. 

4) People recover and heal in the context of a supportive community. Effects include healing of trauma, providing belonging, purpose and a sense of dignity; financial trajectory shift of individuals and families; Diverting at-risk young people to a positive path, Reduction in recidivism, and inspiring and incubating new ideas in a conducive, fostering environment.


We respond to the affordable housing crisis by building homes for a community land trust. We will be utilizing low-cost, environmentally sustainable building solutions. Our model will be open source and is designed to be scalable and therefore directly address not only the housing crisis, but promote alternative housing solutions. We offer an opportunity for participants to invest in acquiring their own home as well as purchasing a home within a community land trust. 

This gives participants the opportunity to eventually own an affordable home versus renting. Affordable housing within a community land trust is only available to participants and partners which can be passed down to the next generation. We are also addressing the root causes of housing instability that are detriments to many communities in the DC metro area.

 Furthermore, according to the Washington City Paper, Washington DC spends nearly $41,000 per year per individual on temporary services (housing) for the homeless population alone. Our program, in treating the root cause by providing permanent solutions, will allow for the government’s and other organizations’ resource reallocation from temporary relief to permanent and sustainable growth.